A dynamic, integrated asset management service with the flexibility and transparency to meet your investment objectives. We will guide you through a long lasting structure suitable to your risk appetite.

Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC will assist you in reviewing some key characteristics of the asset class, low correlation and low volatility, to asses if this is suitable for you.

Key Benefits of Investing With Us

Being one of the early entrants to the market we have gathered and adapted the knowledge to manage this asset class successfully. We can provide further investor information about investing in the asset class. Additionally, investor information is also available performance and strategy.

The team at GI Asset Management Limited (GIAM) have an extensive track record as a regulated life settlements asset manager, structuring and managing funds for investors.

  • Innovative structure that provides tax clarity and is flexible to your needs.
  • Our funds are established in highly regulated and compliance-orientated environments and the services of leading custodians and service providers are employed to protect the underlying assets.
  • Never failed to collect a policy benefit that has become available and never lost a policy through poor management or legal action.
  • Very low correlation - This means that the performance of the Life Policies will be based on the characteristics of the pool of the insured lives, and not on the performance of traditional markets, such as the stock market, the property market and the interest rate market.
  • Benefit amount assured - This means the benefit payable on each policy is contractually fixed at the time of purchase.
  • Non-contestability - The Fund only purchases Life Policies that have a non-contestability provision. Normally the Contestability Period is the first 2 years that the policy is in force.

Investor Information On The USA Life Settlements Market

  • A major research house has analysed that the total face value of in-force U.S life settlements. At year-end 2018, was just over $20.9 Billion.
  • The average of a ten-year forecast of annual gross market potential for life settlements is approximately $212 Billion.
  • The average of a ten-year forecast of the annual volume of new life settlements is approximately $6.4 Billion.
  • The Life Settlements industry is expected to continue to grow significantly.

(Conning Research & Consulting, 2019, A Life Settlements Market Takes Off)

The Fund's Policy Purchase Criteria

We are small, but we are mighty. Our management style has a boutique flavour with a customised investor focus. As a result, our independence ensures we are more responsive and flexible to our investor’s needs.

The portfolio construction for clients has been managed by applying disciplined fund management techniques. Further, we provide rigorous asset selection and due diligence processes only an experienced asset class player can provide.

Policies are individually underwritten by the life settlement market based on the insured’s unique health condition and the pricing characteristics of the policy. Therefore, having in-depth asset knowledge is crucial. Portfolio management tools at our disposal allow complex projections.  Many ‘what-ifs’ tests, the resulting value metrics form the backbone of measuring progress and strategy execution.

Below we have provided some brief investor information regarding our purchase criteria.

  • Contestability Period - Policies must be beyond their Contestability Period.
  • Medically Evaluated Life Expectancy (LE) - Policies must relate to persons aged around 65 years or older. With multiple health impairments and an LE of 10 years or less.
  • Updated Health Information - Policies must relate to persons who have entered into a contract to provide updated health information periodically.
  • Beneficiary Waiver - If the insured is the current policy owner, the Fund will require the insured to sign a beneficiary waiver or an affidavit.
  • Credit Rating - Policies must be issued by life insurance companies rated ‘secure’ or better, by A.M. Best or an equivalent insurance rating organisation.

Do you have any questions?

Should you have any questions regarding the life settlements asset class, the strategy, the fund, or our services please contact us. Additionally, this website is filled with a variety of technical and useful information on the industry. We understand that some information may not suit your protocols and we are happy to assist with your research.