The team at GI Asset Management Limited (GIAM) have an extensive track record as a regulated life settlements investment manager, structuring and managing funds for investors. we have created bespoke structures to meet specific investors needs, just tell us what you need, and we will build it.

Regulated Life Settlement Investment Manager

The team at GI Asset Management (GIAM) (AFSL 432510).has an extensive track record as a regulated life settlement fund manager. An early entrant to the market, we have gathered and adapted the knowledge to manage this asset class successfully.

Managing the asset class since 2004, we have acquired approx. 2.5B in face value. It can take years to develop the appropriate management techniques needed in this asset class. Consequently, we are confident that our longevity is a testament to our ability to adapt as needed in this industry. A life settlement fund manager who has been around long enough to know what works.

As a boutique life settlements fund manager, we are more accountable to our investors. Likewise, as owners of our business, we focus on greater engagement in the investment process. We have more skin in the game. Hence, we take a more conservative approach to our portfolio construction.

However, we can be more flexible and nimbler with our strategy. Giving our investors greater freedom in investment or structure.

Our Current Management Scope

GI Asset Management Limited (GIAM) operates under a first-world regulatory scheme in Australia. (AFSL 432510).  We are recognised as a manager having significant experience in efficient structuring solutions for institutional clients.

Our Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC is a purpose-built investment structure. It is an Irish Qualified Alternative Investment Fund (QAIF), capable of housing multiple separate sub-funds. A separate mandate can be held in a sub-fund under our Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC thus still providing you with the best structure from a transparency perspective. This allows you to own the policies in a legally separate pool with GI Asset Management Limited functioning as your Investment Manager. Consequently, this gives you more flexibility with portfolio construction.

Our scope of work is summarised below;

  • The promoter, Investment Manager and Distributor of Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC. Incorporated in Ireland as an umbrella type investment company with segregated liability between sub-funds. The first sub-fund launched, GIS General Fund.
  • Manager and Responsible Entity of an Australian based and regulated Management Investment Scheme structured as a unit trust.
  • Investment Manager of an Irish based Section 110 company.

Life Settlements Investment Manager

Communication and Transparency is Key

Communication and honesty form the foundation of the business. Notably, we pride ourselves on cultivating a culture of trust with transparent communication.

We regularly review our valuation and performance. The purpose of this regular review is to subject the Valuation and Life Expectancy metrics for adequacy, appropriateness and commerciality.

We share with our investors the actual-to-expected on the number of claims in a period. It can be central in understanding that winning every hand is not possible, but in the long run, the strategy can show significant reward.

We disclose return attribution to our clients in regular reports. Above all, we do not artificially manipulate our returns and are transparent in the calculation process.

Significantly, our performance fee is only based on actual realised return not based on artificial valuation assumptions.

How to invest in the Fund?

Want to invest in the life settlements market? Consider our life settlements pooled fund, GIS General Fund. The investment philosophy is to buy and hold a well-diversified portfolio of physical US life insurance policies.

To start a discussion on how to invest in the fund please click here.

Do you have any questions?

Should you have any questions regarding the asset class or our services please contact us. Additionally, this website is filled with a variety of technical and useful information on the industry. We understand that some information may not suit your protocols and we are happy to assist with your research.