Why Life Settlements Will Thrive Beyond 2021

Outlook in Life Settlements

Life settlements will have an important role to play in 2021 and beyond. COVID-19 has had a destabilising effect on many financial markets but has not had a dramatic impact on life settlements. However, it may still become a driving force for the life settlements market.  We have outlined several potential driving forces in the […]

How Life Settlements Mortality Estimates Impacted Our Portfolio

Life Settlements Mortality Estimates

Now that some time has passed, we would like to discuss how the life settlements mortality estimates impacted our portfolio. You can review our past post where we discuss the impact of the updated mortality tables on the market. We view the mortality table updates as a valuable improvement to the industry overall. However, time […]

Healthy Life Settlement Market Growth Forecast for 2020

Looking ahead into 2020 it appears the life settlements market growth will continue. The market is gaining popularity amongst policyholders and investors. Conning & Co. released an independent study of the market in October 2019. The annual study on the life settlements market that saw the market was still in a growth cycle. With the third consecutive […]

Life Settlements Market 2019

Looking ahead it seems that life settlements market is forecast for growth in 2019. Coupled with large-scaled direct marketing campaigns and the socio-economic trends are continuing to aid in the growth of the market. Conning & Co. released an independent study of the market in November 2018. This is titled ‘Life Settlements: Continued Growth, Positive […]

3 Positive Market Trends for Life Settlements

We have explored some market trends for life settlements. Conning & Co. released an independent study of the market in November 2018 titled “Life Settlements: Continued Growth, Positive Outlook“. There are several interesting findings in the report. Trend 1: Economic and capital drivers Economic and capital drivers for life settlements are still encouraging. The low-interest-rate […]

Tax Free Long-Term Care Accounts proposed in US

Strategy, Ethical Investment

As the US baby boomers generation ages, a concern is how they will be funding Long Term Care (LTC). Life settlements can provide an alternative source to the funding of LTC. As the government faces fiscal constraints in funding long-term care benefits. It appears that regulators are looking to improve the viability of the use […]

3 Life Settlements Market Highlights and Outlook

Outlook in Life Settlements

Conning Inc, has released their latest highlights and outlook of the current market for life settlements.  Life Settlements Steady Grown, Growing Potential 2017 predicts that there is still growing demand and supply in the market. However, insurers’ actions, particularly the increase in COI (cost of insurance) may create some market pressure in the future.   […]