Portfolio Construction and Management

Portfolio Construction

Life settlements portfolio construction and asset management go hand in hand for a positive ROI. The big question is why are many new investors “going it alone”. Most importantly why are they not considering in their asset allocation strategy an already established fund? With news filtering in regarding some struggling life settlements funds, we sit […]

Complexities of a Self-Managed Life Settlements Portfolio

Do the benefits of a self-managed life settlements portfolio truly outweigh the complexities faced in the life settlements market? Asset managers play a crucial role in the continual development and success of this unique asset class. Managers, who have successfully navigated the complexities of this market, manage efficient funds providing attractive uncorrelated returns for many […]

Looking into the Life Settlements Benchmark/Index

Gross Market Return

Is it possible to have a life settlements benchmark? In all asset classes, we look where possible to have access to an industry-wide benchmark/index to assess performance and compare themselves with their peers. Clearly this is a good thing when available. The trap for the uninformed or novice investor is to distinguish between true bench-marking […]