Life Settlements Market 2019

Looking ahead it seems that life settlements market is forecast for growth in 2019. Coupled with large-scaled direct marketing campaigns and the socio-economic trends are continuing to aid in the growth of the market. Conning & Co. released an independent study of the market in November 2018. This is titled ‘Life Settlements: Continued Growth, Positive […]

Evolution of Life Expectancy Calculations

Strategy, Ethical Investment

How is a life expectancy estimated in a life settlement transaction? Traditionally, this service has been performed by suitably qualified, registered underwriting specialists. They are given full access to current details of the insured life including current medical records and lifestyle information. Similarly, this is the process used by the insurance company when pricing and […]

Poor Early Performance? It’s not the end of the world

What if the fund had a poor performance to date, what then? To begin, let’s examine some insightful statistics for our open-ended Irish regulated investment structure.  The fund holds a pool of “seasoned” policies.  Below, we have included the most current age spread for the GIS General Fund with policies awaiting maturity. Notably, a significant […]