Poor Early Performance? It’s not the end of the world

What if the fund had a poor performance to date, what then? To begin, let’s examine some insightful statistics for our open-ended Irish regulated investment structure.  The fund holds a pool of “seasoned” policies.  Below, we have included the most current age spread for the GIS General Fund with policies awaiting maturity. Notably, a significant […]

Estimating Gross Market Return for Life Settlements

Gross Market Return

Establishing the correct methodology in estimating gross market return is a common discussion for the life settlements asset class. The science around medical underwriting continues to evolve in the dynamic environment of human longevity. The discussion around appropriate methodologies for uniform financial analysis is timely, post GFC environment. Given the lack of suitable robust analysis […]

Portfolio Construction and Management

Portfolio Construction

Life settlements portfolio construction and asset management go hand in hand for a positive ROI. The big question is why are many new investors “going it alone”. Most importantly why are they not considering in their asset allocation strategy an already established fund? With news filtering in regarding some struggling life settlements funds, we sit […]